Rules And Regulations

Read This Terms First To Avoid Penalties.
! We are inviting you to post your topics at our Forum Index.
! Forums are divided into categories and sub-categories so that you can easily post your chosen topics at the category where it should belong. Please note that the admins and staffs have the authority to move or trash topics that are not related to the categories where you had posted them.
! All posted topics shall be evaluated carefully and shall earn plusses as follows:
Very Good 300 plusses
Good 200 plusses
Fair 100 plusses
! Replies in any topics of your choice shall earn 1 plusses each.
! Adult topics when posted shall remain pending until it is approved by the admins or staffs.
! No flooding and advertising allowed in forums
! Post or create your topics in the right forum category
! Non-sense topics and unrelated forum post will be deleted
! Dont creticize authors thread or dont start an argumentations in our forums.

! No flooding.
! No cursing.
! Adult nick can be used at adult rooms only. They are not allowed to shout or enter other chat rooms.
! Our main goal here is to gain friends and we strictly prohibit arguments and provoking fellow chatters.
! No vulgar words are allowed at shoutbox and chatrooms other than adult rooms.
! The admins and staffs reserve the right to kick, ban, unban chatters without prior notice or warnings.
! No site advertising allowed.

! Dont create or register multiple accounts
! Dont flood the screambox or post scream post with explicit words
! Respect your site co-members and staffs
! Invite your friends to join us here and be active
! If you violate one of this rules, site staffs will take an urgent proper punishment for you
! Please do obey all the site rules and terms to avoid penalties

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